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What we do

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

At Sharp Creative Enterprises, each client is unique. Which is why we create strategies tailored to the needs of each business. Reach out and we’ll help you get your brand exactly where it needs to be.

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Inspire and Engage Your Followers and turn them into Customers

Social media posts are driving commerce more than anything else. Your followers will become customers when they feel your authenticity and your ability to fulfill a need, a want, or solve a problem. 

We teach you the best methods to strategize, design, build, foster and execute impactful social media. But most importantly, we want you to get results by teaching you how to connect you with your customers.

We teach you how to create impactful social media by combining compelling imagery and content to attract and connect you with your audience. You'll discover what engages your ideal audience and create targeted posts to reach them.

Learn how to attract new social media followers and turn them into customers.  We audit your online presence and then teach you how to create consistent, scroll-stopping content.


Let's do a Social Media Assessment and find your ideal customer

Together we devise a plan to attract your ideal followers. We teach you how to create & manage impactful content that resonates and turns these followers into clients. Your success is our success. Our plan includes:

  • Initial Meeting & Assessment of Current Marketing Strategies

  • Zoning in on What's Working, Not Working and Your Goals

  • Assisting you with initial Creation & Implementation of Social Media Marketing Strategy using:

    • Compelling Content & Design

    • Dynamic Imagery

    • Video & Reels Creation

    • Targeted Advertising

    • Social Listening & Engagement

    • How to Read your Analytics

Individual or small Group Training

By teaching you how to create your own impactful social media through our one-on-one or small group training, we can specifically target your ideal customer.

Individual or small group Zoom sessions allow for a focused environment where you can learn at your own pace. We hone in on your social media requirements and discuss how to use content to drive your marketing strategy - writing effective copy - curating content - and best practices in design. You will gain all the knowledge you need to round out your social media marketing strategy and you will emerge with skills you can put to use right away. 

Image by John Schnobrich
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Brand Photography

Make a lasting first impression

Visuals are key to reaching your audience. 

You have about 3 seconds to capture a potential client's interest with HIGH QUALITY imagery. Make sure you're providing excellent quality images so they don't decide to follow your competition instead.


  • teach easy photography creation (with your cell phone!) to use on your social media channels

  • can provide (if located in Southwestern Ontario) on-site photography & monthly image portfolio providing you with high quality images designed for your target audience, ready to upload onto your social media pages


Our approach

Your success is our success.

Our goal is to teach you how to spark interest in your business by finding followings and turning them into  customers.

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Graphic Design

Impactful social media advertising will turn your followers into customers.

We can create: 

  • Designs for social media advertising

  • Designs for print ads including posters, postcards, rack cards, business cards, logos, etc.

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